Because you take your job very seriously

We are on a mission to make motion control more agile and inspiring so you can make the most of your ideas.

By professionals
for professionals

Ulysse has been designed by professional directors of photography to let you focus on what you do best: experimenting, playing and finding solutions. Bring Ulysse to any location, as it fits in a van and can go through a regular door… and start working in minutes.

Motion control
as it should be

In this creative challenge we have ditched eternal set-ups, included fully interactive and intuitive controls all while allowing you a 4,20 m horizontal travelling without rails or dollies. We created the camera cranebot because grip should be working for you, not the other way round.

A happier and more
challenging workflow

Live record your movements with the joystick. Accelerate, decelerate, edit, repeat, tweak and repeat them again through the intuitive interface. Exact and precise but still flexible. Ulysse is your go-to solution for motion control or whatever you can imagine in filmmaking, advertising, media or art.

A lifetime

Count on us for training, help and inspiration. In addition, our software will be always up to date through our license system, where we’ll offer you bespoke control solutions to let your ideas flow.

We created Ulysse because shooting grip is about solutions, not problems.
And that’s serious business. Or else.

Behind Ulysse, beyond motion control

Ulysse is the sublimation of Raoul Rodríguez philosophy, a DoP always focused on the solution no matter the problems he faces. Raoul is the creative leader at Sublab, a company devoted to high speed filming, where problem solving and simple out of the box solutions have become a life motto.

We work to bypass technical limitations so you can focus in creative possibilities. We like to go beyond making difficult look easy. We simply love making it easy. Call it innovation, disruption, hacks or tricks… In the end our goal is crafting solutions that let you beat the unexpected.

Ulysse is imbued with our philosophy because it is part of what we do at Sublab. And honestly, we can’t wait to see what you will be able to do with him.